California Wildlife Center

California Wildlife Center
Founded: 1998

California Wildlife Center (CWC) is a nonprofit organization dedicted to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of sick, injured, and orphaned native wildlife. CWC fulfills this responsibility by providing expert medical care and through community outreach and education. The organization relies on the support of the communities it serves — Malibu and the Greater Los Angeles area — and the generosity of individuals, foundations, and corporations that share its mission to care for our native wildlife.

A small group of volunteers started CWC in the spring of 1996 as a paramedic service for wildlife-related emergencies that offered around-the-clock rescue services and animal transportation to licensed rehabilitation facilities. At that time, the communities of Malibu, West Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley did not have any animal rehabilitation centers, and volunteers had to travel out of town to reach licensed facilities. In conjunction with the , CWC converted a former ranger station into a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center that opened in 1999 to serve the area.

Current Programs:
With the help of forty to eighty volunteers, CWC has responded to more than five thousand wildlife emergencies. It holds permits granted by the and the that cover the rehabilitation of migratory birds, sea birds, and raptors; land mammals, including deer and coyotes; and reptiles. In addition, CWC provides paramedic rescue services for marine mammals in Malibu.

Recent Successes:
CWC recently rehabilitated a female bobcat that is currently being monitored by the National Park Service, and the Center was awarded a Prescott Grant from the National Marine Fisheries Service to support its marine mammal rescue program in Malibu.

The organization also the public about the local environment and its inhabitants. The organization provides presentations to elementary schools, high school classes, and youth organizations. It began reaching out to adults in 2003 through its . The initiative collaborates with homeowner associations, teachers, and businesses to offer educational events about co-existing with the area's native wildlife.

Web site:
The group's Web site provides information about , its and , and . The section of the site offers contact information for CWC's rehabilitation center and around the country, as well as on what to do with an orphaned, sick, or injured bird or wild animal while waiting for professional assistance. Other features include of animals the organization has rescued and for people who live in close proximity to the region's wildlife.

CWC receives support from foundations, federal government sources (only for marine mammal response), and private donors. Its Web site supports online .

Contact: Susan Eastman, Executive Director
Phone: (818) 222-2658
Fax: (818) 222-2685