Blue Ocean Institute

Blue Ocean Institute
Founded: 2003

To create a more knowledgeable constituency for conservation.

About the Organization:
Founded in 2003 by conservation pioneer Carl Safina based on three decades' worth of research, writing, and policy work, the  works to show how nature, community, the economy, and prospects for peace are intertwined. Located at Stony Brook University's , the organization partners with conservation groups, foundations, scientists, artists, chefs, retailers, and others to educate the public and inspire a deeper connection with nature that strengthens support for conservation efforts and policy change.

Current Programs:
Blue Ocean's program includes research on sponges — an often overlooked but important component of ocean ecosystems — and, in collaboration with shark experts at Stony Brook University, helping small island nations strengthen their ability to enforce shark sanctuaries. The shark scientists are among the inaugural participants in the program, which supports innovative scientists, artists, authors, and others in advancing a broader and deeper dialogue around conservation. Blue Ocean also collaborates with writers, filmmakers, and visual and performing artists to inspire public interest in marine conservation. Its quarterly online journal,, publishes memoirs, poetry, nonfiction, photographs, drawings, and other works of art. The program aims to teach the next generation about the need to protect the ocean and includes , a seasonal education program in collaboration with the . In addition, it works with Stony Brook University's to help graduate students articulate their scientific research findings in plain and compelling language. The organization also awards its to a graduate student whose research broadens our understanding of an important ocean-related issue.

Web Site:
Visitors to the site can learn about occurring in the ocean as a result of climate change, the , , , and the . The site features three blogs — 's, 's, and 's — as well as curated about ocean conservation. Visitors also can learn save the oceans, subscribe to the , or make a .

Blue Ocean Institute is supported by individuals, foundations, and corporations. 

Contact: Carl Safina, Founding President
Phone: (631) 611-3763


September 20, 2016