Aspire Public Schools

Aspire Public Schools
Founded: 1998

To enrich kids' lives and reshape local public school systems in California by improving the academic performance of students, developing effective educators, and sharing successful practices with other forward-thinking educators.

About the Organization:
The nonprofit charter school management organization was conceived by Dr. Don Shalvey, who created the first charter school in California. Aspire currently operates thirty schools serving ten thousand low-income students in the , , and , as well as a number of . Going forward, the organization hopes to open as many as four new schools every year.

Current Programs:
Aspire's academic program includes "" that enroll no more than 360 elementary students and 400 high school students, enabling teachers and administrators to know each student personally. In addition, Aspire schools schedule at least 15 percent more learning time than the average California public school. The schools share a , require regular to provide more comprehensive information on students' progress; invite , and provide programs for . Each Aspire high school also works closely with a partner college or university to offer . For new teachers, Aspire also offers a in partnership with the .

Web Site:
The Aspire site features a that highlights where its high school graduates matriculated; teacher stories via the video-sharing site ; enrollment information in and ; and a for prospective Aspire teachers. In addition, visitors to the site can learn more about the organization's .

Aspire receives government support as well as funding from foundations, corporations, and individuals.

Contact: James Willcox, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (214) 520-0023