Amos House

Amos House
Founded: 1976

To address issues of hunger, homelessness, and poverty among poor individuals in Rhode Island.

About the Organization:
Supported by donations of food from Providence's farmer's market and restaurants, Amos House was launched in 1976 as a soup kitchen. Today, the organization is a leading social service agency in Rhode Island and manages the largest soup kitchen in the state, providing social services to 15,000 people a year and housing about a hundred men and women every night.

Current Programs: Although primarily known for its , Amos House also provides and housing; , , and training programs; and an array of , including HIV education, mental-health referrals, transportation assistance, and help with applications for food stamps and other benefits. In 2004, the agency launched a social enterprise, Amos House Works, which has expanded from serving healthy lunches in school cafeterias to corporate meetings and operating a food kiosk. The organization also engages in efforts on behalf of the poor and homeless.

Web Site:
The Amos House Web site offers of individuals who have been involved with the organization or have participated in Amos House programs, information on or , and links to . Visitors to the site can also access , , and a .

Amos House receives funding from individuals, foundations, and government programs.

Contact: Eileen Hayes, President and CEO
Phone: (401) 272-0220
Fax: (401) 272-2137


April 18, 2017