America SCORES

America SCORES
Founded: 1994

To inspire in urban children a lasting dedication to education, healthy living, and civic responsibility.

About the Organization:
America SCORES is an afterschool soccer program that helps children ages 8 through 12 grow on and off the field. Founded by Julie Kennedy, a Washington, D.C. teacher and avid soccer player, the program requires children to use the teamwork they learn on the field to support each other as authors in the classroom. SCORES hires and trains public school teachers to be soccer and writing coaches, recruits separate teams of girls and boys, and works with schools, community partners, and parks departments to renovate and use local playing fields. The organization provides soccer activities, writing workshops, and game days on alternating afternoons weekly during fall and spring seasons. Some affiliates also offer summer and winter programs. America SCORES serves 5,000 elementary school students in sixteen metropolitan areas across the country.

Current Programs:
America SCORES focus on creative writing curricula, including complete lessons for developing teamwork, leadership, and communication skills; professional development resources for teachers and coaches; and technical assistance to support and develop the soccer/academic enrichment model. The nonprofit also publishes , a national magazine written for and by children; hosts the annual in affiliate cities to raise money for local programs; and offers challenge grants to individuals who want to develop soccer/academic enrichment programs in their public schools.

Web Site:
The America SCORES Web site features for kids; a page where they can add their own works; suggested ; resources for ; and links to . The SCORES site also provides information about and , and steps for setting up a local America SCORES .

America SCORES is supported primarily by corporate gifts and grants from corporate and private foundations, including the .

Contact: Nancy Raditz, Chief Operating/Financial Officer
Phone: (111) 868-9513
Fax: (111) 868-9533