Africa Yoga Project

Africa Yoga Project
Founded: 2007

To educate, empower, elevate, and employ youth in Africa and improve the well-being of both individuals and communities through the practice of yoga.

About the Organization:
The began in the poorest areas of Kenya as an experiment to explore three questions: Could yoga transform lives across race, nationality, age, gender, and economic status? Would yoga be valued when offered at no cost? Could people struggling to survive in an unstable environment use yoga to change how they see their lives and possibilities for their future? The organization has since trained dozens of young Africans to become yoga instructors, creating opportunities for them to achieve self-realization and self-sufficiency and become leaders in their communities.

Current Programs:
AYP currently offers more than two hundred and fifty yoga classes each week serving over five thousand people in eighty locations — including orphanages and prisons — across Kenya. Its other core activities — all designed to increase physical, emotional, and mental well-being on the individual level while also building healthy and empowered communities — include meditation, self-exploration through inquiry, performing arts as a vehicle for empowerment, HIV/AIDS education, and community activism. Many of the programs are offered at in Nairobi, a community-based social enterprise.

In addition, AYP's and programs offer volunteers and supporters opportunities to travel to Kenya to participate in yoga classes, teacher training sessions, and community-building projects.

Web Site:
Visitors to the site can read profiles of the young AYP has trained, keep up with the latest developments through the organization's , browse the at the Shine Center, or sign up to receive the organization's . Visitors to the site can also learn how to support the organization by , , making a purchase at its , or .

The Africa Yoga Project is supported by foundations, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and individuals. 

Contact: Paige Elenson, Co-Founder and Director


February 20, 2018