A New Way of Life Reentry Project

A New Way of Life Reentry Project
Founded: 1998

To help women and girls break the cycle of entrapment in the criminal justice system and lead healthy, satisfying lives.

About the Organization:
was founded in 1998 by Susan Burton, a formerly incarcerated woman who faced institutional barriers to employment opportunities, housing, student loans, public assistance, addiction treatment services, and other benefits and services that could help her rebuild her life and stay out of the criminal justice system. To help break the cycle of incarceration, homelessness, addiction, and despair, the organization provides shelter in safe, supportive, sober home environments to formerly incarcerated women; offers education, job training, and skills-building opportunities to help those women become self-sufficient; and works as a community advocate to change public attitudes and end discriminatory incarceration practices. Burton is a of 's Purpose Prize.

Current Programs:
As a community advocate, A New Way of Life provides housing and reentry support for women and children; advocates for the human and civil rights of current and former prisoners; and supports leadership development among formerly incarcerated women. The program helps formerly incarcerated women apply for public assistance, deal with debt, meet their parole and probation requirements, find addiction recovery programs, enroll in educational or job training programs and/or find employment, and gain independence by securing permanent housing and establishing a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. The program assists formerly incarcerated women in reuniting with their children and rebuilding healthy, long-lasting family bonds.

A New Way of Life's advocacy work is focused on Section 8 housing policies and practices and employment rights. In addition to providing training for job seekers with conviction histories, as well as connecting them with job developers and local employers, it offers, in partnership with the UCLA School of Law's , pro bono legal services through its . The organization's leadership development efforts include , a four-month training institute in which participants learn about community organizing and social movements and develop their skills and confidence as public speakers and advocates; and the , monthly workshops presented in partnership with that examine various aspects of the prison-industrial complex.

Web Site:
Visitors to the site can watch a with founder and executive director Susan Burton, who was named a 2010 CNN Top 10 Hero; make an online ; and/or browse a of needed items and services.

A New Way of Life Reentry Project is supported primarily by individuals, foundations, and government sub-contracts.

Contact: Claire Arcé, Development Director
Phone: (113) 563-3575


February 20, 2018