Yale University Receives $10 Million to Create Center for Islamic Law

Yale University Receives $10 Million to Create Center for Islamic Law

has announced a $10 million gift from Saudi businessman Abdallah S. Kamel to establish a center for Islamic law and civilization.

The Abdallah S. Kamel Center for the Study of Islamic Law and Civilization will bring prominent scholars of Islam to the campus for lectures, seminar discussions, and visiting professorships and will provide fellowships for research, travel, and training to law school students engaged in projects related to Islamic law and civilization. It's expected that when the center is fully funded, a tenured professorship in the field of Islamic law also will be established within the law school.

The gift follows an earlier gift from Kamel, CEO of Dallah Albaraka Group, a Saudi Arabia-based banking and real estate enterprise, to establish the Dallah Albaraka Lectures on Islamic Law & Civilization, which will be renamed the Abdallah S. Kamel Lectures.

"The creation of this center reflects the growing interest at Yale and other academic institutions in a deeper understanding of Islamic law, history, and culture," said Yale Law School dean Robert C. Post. "Islamic law has a long and proud tradition, which encompasses great intellectual achievements. It is also a subject of immense contemporary importance. There is a tremendous need for an interdisciplinary center to support scholarship in the field. The Abdallah S. Kamel Center meets this need."

"." Yale University Press Release 09/08/2015.