Wyss Foundation Awards $8 Million for Ocean Conservation

Wyss Foundation Awards $8 Million for Ocean Conservation

The Washington, D.C.-based has announced a five-year, $8 million commitment in support of science-based policies that ensure robust and resilient global marine ecosystems and help rebuild fisheries in Mexico.

Grants were awarded to , the largest international advocacy organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation, and , an international marine funders collaborative. The grant to Oceana will support the efforts of scientists and experts in Mexico working to implement policies that reduce bycatch, establish science-based catch limits, and conserve important marine habitats. The award to Oceans 5, a sponsored project of , will support the group's efforts to ensure that at least half the world's fisheries are sustainably managed within fifteen years.

The $1.4 billion-a-year commercial fishery in Mexico, one of the thirty countries that control more than 90 percent of the world’s wild fish catch, is threatened by unsustainable fishing practices and a lack of effective fishery policy that have contributed to widespread declines in Pacific Bluefin tuna, sardines, and other species. In 2014, Wyss and Oceana launched a $10 million effort to restore fisheries and ocean health in Peru and Canada.

"After decades of worsening pollution and overfishing, we now know that science-based improvements to fishery policy can restore the health and productivity of our planet’s oceans," said philanthropist , who signed the in 2013. "In Mexico — as in Peru and Canada — we are proud to support locally focused efforts to rebuild collapsed fisheries, sustain the harvest of wild seafood, and bring life back to the oceans."

"." Wyss Foundation Press Release 07/11/2016.