WRI, Cargill Partner to Address Deforestation and Water Risk

WRI, Cargill Partner to Address Deforestation and Water Risk

The in Washington, D.C., has announced a new two-year partnership with the to better manage deforestation and water risk across a range of activities.

In support of the partnership, the industrial services giant will join WRI's and , which work to address deforestation globally, as well as the research organization's , which works to address water risk. The partnership will enable Cargill to leverage WRI's state-of-the-art maps, analytical tools, and expertise, while WRI will benefit from Cargill's experience working in the food and agriculture sector in seventies countries.

Working with Global Forest Watch, which uses satellite technology, supply chain information, and new analytical methods to measure deforestation and other forest changes, the partnership's initial efforts will focus on sustainable production of soy in Paraguay and palm oil in Indonesia. Cargill and WRI also will work together to identify and reduce water risk by helping to update the , which uses a robust, peer-reviewed methodology to create customizable high-resolution maps highlighting water risk situations. The partnership with Cargill will enable WRI to enhance the data and indicators provided in the atlas and improve current measures of water-related business risk.

In addition, Cargill will join the and support of efforts by WRI's Water Program to develop the world's first Global Water-Food Security Analyzer, which aims to leverage existing information and science to manage environmental and economic risk associated with agriculture globally. The analyzer will be freely available, providing global data on water and climate risks to agricultural production and commodities, as well as the associated economic, environmental, health, and geopolitical impacts.

"It is through high-impact partnerships like this that WRI is able to put our world-class tools and expertise to work, scaling impact across global value chains to address today's most vexing issues," said Kevin Moss, global director of WRI's Business Center. "There's so much to be gained from better management of water risk and deforestation in company supply chains: better profits and better health for people and ecosystems. By working with Cargill to address deforestation and water risk, we can scale positive change well beyond one value chain. Partnerships such as this are critically important to our shared goals of protecting water resources and ending deforestation."

"." World Resources Institute Press Release 03/21/2016.