WKKF Awards $2.95 Million to Strengthen Native American Food Systems

WKKF Awards $2.95 Million to Strengthen Native American Food Systems

The has announced a three-year, $2.95 million grant from the to extend its efforts to improve the physical and economic health of Native American communities by bolstering Native food systems.

The funds will extend, through 2017, the organization's support for projects designed to strengthen local food system infrastructure and enhance Native control of those systems. The projects aim to address issues such as food insecurity, food deserts, and health and nutrition, while bolstering much-needed economic development in First Nation communities. To that end, the institute will provide tribes and Native organizations with training materials and financial and technical support that enables them to implement innovative ideas and best practices at the local level, said FNDI president Michael E. Roberts.

"Since the beginning, WKKF has been our key partner is this work that meets at the intersection of economic development and food systems/food security, and we thank them for their generous and continuing support," said Roberts. "The idea is to support and strengthen the food sovereignty movement in Indian Country."

"One of the key factors in ensuring good food for all is the democratization of the food system," said Carla B. Thompson, WKKF vice president for program strategy. "By creating and strengthening a network of more than two hundred and fifty Native community groups to support food sovereignty efforts, this grant will help make fresh, sustainable, fair, and culturally appropriate food more accessible to forty-eight thousand Native children and their families."

"." First Nations Development Institute Press Release 03/05/2015.