Winners of $25 Million Google AI Challenge Announced

Winners of $25 Million Google AI Challenge Announced

has announced grants totaling $25 million to the winners of its , a competition designed to catalyze the use of AI in addressing some of the world's most pressing social, humanitarian, and environmental problems.

In addition to receiving funding from , credit and consulting services from Google Cloud, and coaching from Google's AI experts, twenty projects and organizations will be invited to join the Google AI Impact Challenge Accelerator, a six-month program run by . Launched in 2018 with $25 million in funding from as part of the tech company's  program, the challenge received more than twenty-six hundred applications from nonprofits, academics, and social enterprises in a hundred and nineteen countries — 40 percent of them submitted by organizations with no previous experience with artificial intelligence, which remains a nascent concept in the social impact field.

The selected projects and organizations include the , which  plans to apply machine learning techniques to weather and agricultural data to improve irrigation for resource-strapped farmers in Africa and the Middle East; the , which is building an image recognition tool to improve plastic recycling rates, reduce plastic pollution in the oceans, and strengthen waste management in underresourced Indonesian communities;  in Brazil, which uses AI to translate Portuguese into Brazilian Sign Language via a digital avatar, facilitating  communication for Brazilians who are deaf and hard-of-hearing; and  in the U.S., which is using deep learning to help low-income students improve their writing skills by providing them with immediate feedback. 

For a complete list of this year's AI Impact Challenge , see the Google blog.

(Photo credit: Gringgo Indonesia Foundation)

"." Google Blog Post 05/07/2019.