Winners of 2012 Kavli Prize Announced

Winners of 2012 Kavli Prize Announced

The in Santa Barbara, California, has announced the winners of the 2012 Kavli Prizes in astrophysics, nanoscience, and neuroscience.

Seven scientists were recognized for the fundamental contributions their research has made to our understanding of the outer solar system, the differences in material properties at nano- and larger scales, and how the brain receives and responds to sensations such as sight, sound, and touch. Each will receive a share of the $1 million prize for his or her subject area.

The Kavli Prize in Astrophysics was awarded to David C. Jewitt, ; Jane X. Luu, ; and Michael E. Brown, for discovering and characterizing the Kuiper Belt and its largest members. The Kavli Prize in Nanoscience was awarded to Mildred S. Dresselhaus of for her pioneering efforts in the study of phonons, electron-phonon interactions, and thermal transport in nanostructures. And the Kavli Prize in Neuroscience was shared by Cornelia Isabella Bargmann, ; Winifried Denk, in Heidelberg, Germany; and Ann M. Graybiel, MIT, for their efforts to elucidate basic neuronal mechanism underlying perception and decision.

This is the third cohort of recipients to receive prizes through the biannual program, which was launched in 2008 to recognize outstanding scientific research, honor highly creative scientists, promote public understanding of scientists and their work, and encourage international scientific cooperation. The prizes are made possible through a partnership between the foundation, the , and the .

For more information about the 2012 Kavli Prize and their institutions, visit the Kavli Foundation Web site.

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