William Penn Foundation Announces Search for New Leadership

The in Philadelphia has opened a search for a new top-ranking executive to provide operational leadership and direction for the foundation.

Nearly a year after the resignation of Jeremy Nowak, who served as president of the foundation from June 2011 to November 2012, the foundation's board has approved a job description for a "managing director," a new position that the board believes will best serve to "enhance the foundation's capabilities and promote [its] mission going forward." The person chosen to fill the position will report to the foundation's board under the direction of the executive committee and will supervise the chief philanthropy officer, chief investment officer, and director of finance and administration, while overseeing the foundation's emerging research-based planning and evaluation model, thought leadership and community engagement efforts, and financial and operational management.

"After working closely with the William Penn Foundation to fine-tune the roles, responsibilities, and desired attributes of the future leader who will ensure the success of the organization, we are now turning to the project of finding this person," said ZRG Partners' managing director Natalie Brooks, whose firm has been retained to conduct the search for potential candidates.

"This change reflects a significant expansion of our institutional capacity; we are focusing on strengthening the organization at every level, which will position the William Penn Foundation to best deliver on our goals," said the foundation's board chair, David Haas. "We need all facets of our organization to work together seamlessly in order to support long-term solutions rather than short-term stop-gap assistance."

"." William Penn Foundation Press Release 09/09/2013.