Weinberg Foundation Commits Additional $5 Million to Scholarship Program

The has announced a five-year, $5 million grant in support of a scholarship program managed by the , an agency of .

The grant will support scholarship needs at ten Jewish day schools in Baltimore. In developing the program, the Weinberg Foundation and the federation reviewed studies which found that the cost of a Jewish day school education in the Baltimore area is beyond the reach of more than half the families that want one.

The grant, which boosts the foundation's total commitment to the program to $16 million since 2006, is the final award the foundation will make in support of Jewish day schools in Baltimore for the foreseeable future. After the term of the grant ends, the foundation plans to step back and examine other programs working to address the needs of the Jewish community in the region.

"We have enjoyed a wonderful partnership with The Associated as well as each of the Jewish day schools receiving scholarship support for their students," said Weinberg Foundation trustee and treasurer Barry Scholss. "Beyond addressing our shared concern that an affordable Jewish education be available to every family in Baltimore that wants one, the foundation is especially pleased to have assisted local Jewish day school programs in weathering the extraordinary financial pressures of the recession."

"." Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Press Release 12/16/2011.