Walmart Foundation Pledges $20 Million for Veterans Programs

Walmart Foundation Pledges $20 Million for Veterans Programs

The has announced a second $20 million commitment in support of veteran employment and transition programs.

In 2011, the foundation committed $20 million to assist returning veterans with job training, transition support, and education resources. Having met its goals for the initiative a year ahead of schedule, the foundation has decided to continue it through 2019.

Recent grants made through the initiative include $1.35 million to San Francisco-based to help expand its veterans transition services program into Texas; $1 million to the San Antonio-based to expand its transition assistance, job readiness, and placement services in Texas; and $450,000 through to the to expand entrepreneurial training and support for female veterans.

In addition, the foundation announced that during the first year of its it hired more than forty-two thousand veterans. Launched last Memorial Day, the initiative guarantees a job offer to any honorably discharged veteran within his or her first twelve months off active duty. Through the program, Walmart expects to hire more than a hundred thousand veterans in five years.

"We hope to have a multiplying effect on the programs and resources available to veterans and their families," said Walmart Foundation president Kathleen McLaughlin. "Through continued, collaborative work with our nonprofit partners, we will support innovative public/private community-based initiatives that address the challenges many of our veterans face when returning to the civilian workforce and their communities. There is no better tribute to our men and women who serve than supporting them when they return home."

"." Walmart Foundation Press Release 05/21/2014.