Walmart Foundation Awards Nearly $3.4 Million to Support Underserved Women

Walmart Foundation Awards Nearly $3.4 Million to Support Underserved Women

The has announced grants totaling $3.35 million to six women's foundations working to help economically vulnerable women achieve financial and economic security.

Comprising the , the , the , the , the , and the , the Partnership for Women's Prosperity will work to assist nearly five thousand economically vulnerable women and girls in sixteen communities across the country as well as provide a platform for sharing best practices and finding replicable solutions to the challenges faced by low-income women.

To that end, the six foundations will leverage the grants from the Walmart Foundation to support local programs designed to help vulnerable women access educational opportunities and advance in their careers, increase their financial literacy, and build their leadership skills. The effort is part of Walmart's , which was launched last September with the goal of helping two hundred thousand women in low-income households obtain job skills, gain access to higher education, and achieve economic security.

"Through the partnership, we will demonstrate how the power of philanthropy can be used to overcome barriers that prevent economically vulnerable women and girls from reaching their full potential," said WAWF president Nicky Goren. "While all of us share a common mission, our collective experience has taught us that closing the prosperity gap demands that we address unique issues facing the communities we serve; it is not a one-size-fits-all proposition."

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