Walmart Foundation Awards $16 Million for Economic Mobility Programs

Walmart Foundation Awards $16 Million for Economic Mobility Programs

and the have announced grants totaling $16 million to nonprofit organizations working to improve economic mobility for entry-level workers in retail and related sectors.

The grants, part of a new $100 million national economic opportunity initiative, are expected to help more than twelve thousand retail workers gain the knowledge and training they need to advance in their careers through programs offered by the seven grant recipients: ($1 million), the ($2.2 million), ($2.6 million), ($3 million), ($3 million), the ($3.2 million), and the ($1 million). Among other things, the programs will provide workers with skills training, job placement support, and interactive maps that showcase career paths within the retail and related sectors.

"We are excited to partner with other foundations, employers, training providers, government bodies, and nonprofit organizations to improve career pathways for people in retail and adjacent sectors," said Walmart Foundation president Kathleen McLaughlin. "We believe progress requires collective action in the industry to align on the skills required for advancement and to develop more innovative, effective, and universally used training and assessments that recognize on-the-job learning. Ultimately, we aim to increase economic mobility of the U.S. retail workforce as a whole."

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"." Walmart Stores Press Release 02/26/2015.