Volunteers of America Awards McCormick Tribune Foundation and Denver Post

Volunteers of America, a national, nonprofit, faith-based organization providing local human service programs, and opportunities for individual and community involvement, has awarded the and the Denver Post with its 2001 Empathy Award. The McCormick Foundation was honored for its national charitable grant program, and the Post for its Season to Share program which raises money for local charities.

The McCormick Tribune Communities Program is designed to encourage charitable giving from the public and to improve social and economic conditions in 26 communities throughout the United States. To encourage giving, the program provides matching funds to money raised from the public. The Denver Post, a local grocery store chain, and Volunteers of America in Colorado started the Season to Share program in 1988. Last year the Season to Share program in the Denver metropolitan area distributed $1.4 million to 52 agencies serving children, the hungry, the homeless, and the poor needing medical attention.

"The McCormick Foundation and the Denver Post through their support of charitable organizations demonstrate an outstanding, compassionate commitment to help solve important social issues and help people in need," said Volunteers of America president Charles Gould.

Volunteers of America's Empathy Award honors those from all aspects of the communications field, including journalists, authors, news organizations, media foundations, as well as electronic and print media, Internet publishing, and film documentaries, who through their reporting, writing, commentary, and efforts demonstrate an "engaged, compassionate point of view on social issues."

"McCormick Tribune Foundation, Denver Post Receive Volunteers of America Empathy Award" Volunteers of America Press Release 06/29/2001.