V Foundation for Cancer Research Awarded $25 Million in 2017

V Foundation for Cancer Research Awarded $25 Million in 2017

The has announced that it awarded $25 million in support of cancer research in 2017, bringing the total awarded over its lifetime to more than $200 million.

The awards include twenty-four V Scholar Grants of $200,000 each to help young scientists establish their research careers and better position themselves to receive additional funding from other sources. "As a new investigator, it is a tremendous honor to receive funding from the V Scholars program to establish a new project to understand antitumor immune responses," said Philip Kranzusch. "Our lab uses a basic science approach to understand immune function at the molecular level. Support from the V Foundation is particularly exciting, as it will allow us to extend our studies beyond biochemistry and begin to explain how the basic principles we discover function during cellular responses to cancer."

The foundation also awarded twenty-two Translational Grants of $200,000 each over three years in support of projects designed to bring research efforts out of the lab and to patients' bedside. Two of the translational grants were funded through the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund, which supports research dedicated to the therapeutic responsiveness of and outcomes experienced by cancer patients from diverse ethnic populations, while four will fund pediatric cancer research.

"Translational grants support the movement of new drugs and new concepts from the laboratory to the clinic and back again, testing human blood and cancer tissue from treated patients to determine what needs to be done to provide more effective treatment," said Robert Bast, vice president for translational research at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and chair of the V Foundation's scientific advisory committee. "Like the V Scholar awards, some of these Translational Grants include several awards that focus on children and minorities."

For a complete list of the organization's , see the V Foundation website.

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