Utah Homelessness Organization Receives $10 Million Challenge Grant

Utah Homelessness Organization Receives $10 Million Challenge Grant

The in Sandy, Utah, has awarded a $10 million challenge grant to in Salt Lake City, reports.

The foundation will match, on a one-to-one basis, donations to the homelessness organization, which will use the funds to operate three new homeless resource centers in the city scheduled to open over the next two years and help pay for staffing and programming costs related to educational and job training programs at the shelters.

"[U]ntil we have the things that bring heart and life to the building and give the people in it a chance to recover and to be whole and healthy and ready to be back into society, we have done nothing: we've just got a building," said Gail Miller. "We hope that all of those who are within hearing of this announcement and have the ability will contribute to the cause."

Shelter the Homeless board chair Harris Simmons told that efforts to address homelessness must include solutions from government, businesses, faith-based organizations, philanthropists, and members of the public. "Every dollar received will be invested in finding and developing the most effective solutions to measurably improve the lives of those in need and minimize homelessness."

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