UPS Foundation Provides $9 Million for Community Safety Initiatives

The has announced grants and in-kind donations totaling more than $9 million to twenty-four organizations working to assist humanitarian relief and community safety efforts around the globe.

Community safety grants were awarded to a variety of relief organizations, including the , , the , the , and the . Nonprofits awarded grants in support of road safety initiatives include the , , the , the , ., and .

The foundation also announced that it is partnering with the to implement UPS Relief Link, a humanitarian supply chain monitoring system that is expected to strengthen the tracking of critical relief supplies. In addition, the foundation awarded a $1 million grant to to implement the supply chain management platform, which provides, among other things, commodity tracking, asset management, and fleet optimization modules.

"Each year, millions of people are impacted by natural disasters all over the world," said UPS Foundation president Eduardo Martinez. "We believe we can help reduce the subsequent human suffering by collaborating with our partners and to help communities better prepare for the unexpected. Our strong expertise in logistics and supply chain management demonstrates the value we place on equipping individuals and businesses with the skills, information, and resources to ensure communities are better prepared."

For a complete list of , visit the UPS Foundation Web site.

"." UPS Foundation Press Release 04/07/2014.