United Way Worldwide Restructures to Leverage Resources, Capitalize on Partnerships

has announced a new organizational structure designed to leverage its operational resources and capitalize on opportunities for partnerships around the globe.

To that end, the organization will expand its support and presence in five regions (Africa and the Caribbean, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, Latin America, and North America), create new and develop existing public and private partnerships, and strengthen its United States network to help raise its profile as a catalyst for social change. Its plan also includes scaling educational strategies throughout its global network and creating a new talent strategy and development plan.

As part of its restructuring, the organization will create fifty-eight new staff positions but eliminate sixty others. The announcement comes two months after the appointment of Stacey D. Stewart as president of United Way USA.

"Our goal is to foster a model of distributed leadership where the network leads the organization," said Brian Gallagher, president and CEO of United Way Worldwide. "We believe the outward-facing, service-oriented organizational structure will foster innovation and catalyze long-term community change. Community-based United Ways are changing lives and creating shared value with their partners, but in order to support the efforts and strategies of the network, our internal structure must better align and support their work."

"." United Way Press Release 12/03/2012.