UNDP Launches 'SDG Impact' to Spur Private Investment in Global Goals

UNDP Launches 'SDG Impact' to Spur Private Investment in Global Goals

The has announced an initiative aimed at channeling private investment and capital to help achieve the .

Launched in conjunction with the annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, will work with the private sector to identify how best to invest in enterprises and markets to advance the SDGs. To that end, SDG Impact, in partnership with the , an initiative housed at , will provide investors and businesses with country-level data and SDG investment road maps with the aim of highlighting the need for investors and companies to adapt and transform their core business strategies and use the SDGs as a platform for making investments in developing countries and navigating risks and opportunities.

At current levels of investment in SDG-relevant sectors, developing countries alone face an annual SDG funding gap of $2.5 trillion. A report from the estimated that meeting the goals could create $12 trillion in new market opportunities in food and agriculture, energy and materials, and health and well-being, while creating three hundred and eighty million jobs.

"There is a $30 trillion shortfall in funding to achieve the United Nations' development goals," said Sir Ronald Cohen, chair of the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group and the . "That is why we must get large corporations involved. More large corporations must participate. They must think what they can do toward improving social and environmental issues. There comes a time when they can no longer talk only about making money."

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