UM Law School Receives $25 Million for Immigrant Program

UM Law School Receives $25 Million for Immigrant Program

The has announced a $25 million gift from the Robina Foundation in support of its center for new Americans and a clinical faculty professorship.

The largest gift in the school's history includes $23.5 million to fund the ongoing operations of the , which is working to develop a national model for the provision of comprehensive legal services for immigrant communities through a variety of means, including impact litigation, the protection of detainee rights and improved access to legal representation, the creation of immigration clinics, and education.

The remainder of the gift will be used to establish a James H. Binger Professorship in Clinical Law ($1 million), with a focus on immigration, asylum, detainee rights, and/or refugee law and policy; and provide scholarship support ($500,000) to students at the law school. Named in recognition of Robina Foundation founder James H. Binger, the center has three law firm partners β€” , , and  β€” and three nonprofit partners β€” the , , and the .

"In these challenging times for legal education, when institutions have fewer resources, this gift represents an extraordinary vote of support for the University of Minnesota Law School," said the school's dean, Garry W. Jenkins. "This splendid gift, which honors the legacy of Robina’s founder, will establish the law school as a model for twenty-first-century clinical education. The Binger Center will leverage a unique collaboration among our clinics, prominent law firms, and respected nonprofit organizations, enabling our exceptional faculty and students to continue to work on landmark immigration reform cases for generations to come."

"." University of Minnesota Law School Press Release 02/06/2017.