UCSF Receives $125 Million for New Medical Center

UCSF Receives $125 Million for New Medical Center

The has announced a $125 million matching gift from longtime UCSF supporter Charles F. Feeney and , the foundation he created, for a state-of-the-art medical center on UCSF's Mission Bay campus.

Slated to open in 2014, the 289-bed will help the university realize its vision of a fully integrated health-sciences campus where clinicians, scientists, and industry professionals interact and collaborate on a daily basis. The gift — the largest ever awarded by Feeney or Atlantic — increases the total raised for the project to more than $205 million, or about 12 percent of the project's estimated $1.7 billion cost. According to the terms of the gift, UCSF must match the amount dollar-for-dollar to receive the funds.

Mission Bay already is home to several UCSF research institutions, including the and the UCSF-affiliated . The new medical center will allow for expansion and modernization throughout UCSF's other campuses and affiliated sites, including the and the medical center's , where its cancer research program is currently housed.

"We're hopeful this is a gift that inspires others to give as well," said Mark Laret, chief executive officer of UCSF Medical Center. "Our current [hospital facilities] have saved and improved the lives of thousands of people, and Chuck's gift is really a statement that even in hard times, it's worth giving to something truly important."

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