Two Texas Foundations Restructure to Increase Local Grantmaking

Two Texas Foundations Restructure to Increase Local Grantmaking

The in El Paso and the have announced a new organizational structure and relationship that will enable them to better meet their individual and joint missions on behalf of the people of the Paso del Norte region of Texas.

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation, which was a private foundation, has become a supporting organization of the independent Paso del Norte Foundation, which will enable the health foundation to expand its partnerships with external funders while increasing grantmaking to nonprofits in the region. PDNF will offer opportunities to manage supporting organizations and donor-advised funds, designated funds, as well as agency funds in support of donors’ interests and the needs of nonprofit organizations and charitable causes in the region.

"This change creates greater operating efficiencies for both foundations sharing executive, program, and development staff as well as administrative, financial, and investment support," said Hector Retta, incoming chair of the PDNF and immediate past vice-chair of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation. "It will also create an effective platform from which to grow philanthropy in the region, something we want to do for future generations."

(Photo credit: Paso del Norte Health Foundation)

"." Paso del Norte Foundation Press Release 06/17/2018.