Turner Broadcasting Gives $5 Million to Zoo Atlanta

has announced a $5 million donation, the largest corporate gift in its 118-year history, from .

The gift will support the retrofiting of its existing Conservation Action Resource Center so that it can accommodate a new indoor learning center that shares the wonders of wildlife through interpretive and interactive exhibits featuring classic cartoon characters from TBS, Inc.'s network.

"Turner Broadcasting's generous contribution to a nonprofit in their own backyard speaks volumes about their dedication to the city of Atlanta," said Zoo Atlanta president and CEO Dennis Kelly. "We're taking characters that children can easily relate to," Kelly added, "to teach them about biology, zoology, sociology, and our mission of conservation."

"This partnership with Zoo Atlanta to create an educational and fun new attraction for visitors of all ages reflects Turner Broadcasting's commitment to Atlanta and further demonstrates the power of the business community to make meaningful contributions here at home," said TBS, Inc. chairman and CEO Phil Kent.

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