Top Ten Gifts in 2017 Topped $10 Billion

Top Ten Gifts in 2017 Topped $10 Billion

Three gifts of $1 billion or more were made during 2017, helping to make it the strongest year for giving in the past decade, the reports.

Contributions from three of the country's wealthiest tech entrepreneurs took the top spots in the Chronicle's annual list of the largest gifts, with the largest, $4.6 billion in Microsoft stock from , representing nearly half the combined value of the ten largest gifts ($10.2 billion) — a figure approximately $300 million larger than the total of the top ten gifts made in 2016. Four foundations — including the  — four universities, and one conservation group received the largest gifts made in 2017.

The Gateses' gift was followed by the nearly $1.9 billion contributed by to the Chan Zuckerberg Foundation, the 501(c)(3) arm of the , a limited-liability company established by the couple in 2015 as a vehicle for their philanthropic and public advocacy activities, and $1 billion from Michael and Susan Dell to their . At least 90 percent of the $800 million bequest from the late Henry Hillman will benefit Pittsburgh-area nonprofits through the , while Florence Irving directed $600 million in new funding (on top of $100 million in previously announced giving) to enable and to recruit scientists, physician-scientists, and clinicians dedicated to developing innovations in cancer patient care.

Rounding out the top ten were gifts of $500 million from the to the ; $250 million from P. Roy and Diana Vagelos to Columbia University; $219.5 million from the to the  — one of several large gifts made by the foundation in 2017; $200 million from to the ; and a parcel of California coastal ranchland valued at $165 million from Giving Pledgers to the .

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