Teagle Foundation Awards More Than $1.5 Million in Grants

The New York City-based has announced thirteen grants totaling more than $1.5 million to institutions of higher education institutions and other organizations working to help students prepare for and succeed in college.

Grants awarded to higher education institutions include $280,000 over thirty-six months to , , and the for a program to strengthen the institutions’ core text-based programs and to engage others in similar work; $260,000 to the in support of an effort to identify "exemplary programs" such as courses, pedagogies, and co-curricular activities that help to increase alignment of the different "mental models" of higher education among key constituencies; and $50,000 to the to develop materials and a training session for consultants in the area of board oversight of educational quality and to support free webinars on higher education governance. "These funded efforts illustrate the foundation's continued commitment to promote creative approaches to teaching that best serve student learning," said Teagle Foundation president Judith Shapiro.

In addition, the foundation awarded grants to a number of community-based organizations that offer college preparatory programs designed to enhance the readiness and success of talented but financially disadvantaged high school students in New York City. The grants include $50,000 to the for its Independent School Placement Program; $50,000 to the in support of its Out-of-School-Time University program; $50,000 to the for its College Retention Advising Program; $30,000 to the to expand the Riis Academy College Access Program; and $50,000 to in support of the organization’s New York City Leadership Corps.

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"." Teagle Foundation Press Release 03/07/2014.