Teagle Foundation Awards More Than $1.5 Million

The New York City-based has announced eleven grants totaling more than $1.5 million, with most of the funding earmarked for a civic and moral education initiative.

Six grants were awarded through the foundation's Larger Vision for Student Learning: Education for Civic and Moral Responsibility initiative, which provides support to colleges and universities working to improve and promote model courses and curricular programming that foster personal, civic, and moral responsibility. Grants include $235,000 over three years to to share experiences and findings from its Reflecting on Your Life program, facilitate exchanges with and promotion of similar co-curricular programs, and make recommendations for the initiation and evaluation of such programs across the country; $230,000 over three years to , , the , and the to explore the impact of various curricular approaches on the development of students' capacity for perspective-taking, empathy, and moral identity; and a seven-month, $20,000 planning grant to the .

"These collaborating institutions, which span different sectors of higher education, including community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and research universities, have the opportunity to serve as powerful models in the important work of helping to equip students to address some of the 'great questions' of meaning, value, and personal and social responsibility," said Teagle Foundation president Richard Morrill.

In addition, the foundation awarded two grants in support of studies that will explore the impact of liberal education over the course of a lifetime and three grants to extend its Faculty Work & Student Learning in the 21st Century initiative and in the area of outcomes and assessment.

For a complete list of , visit the Teagle Foundation Web site.

"." Teagle Foundation Press Release 05/22/2013.