Teagle Awards $2 Million in Support of Liberal Arts Education

The in New York City has announced grants totaling nearly $2 million in support of projects involving nearly sixty colleges, universities, higher education consortia, and other educational nonprofit institutions.

Grants awarded through the foundation's new initiative include $398,000 over three years to the , , , , the , and in support of efforts to integrate the liberal arts into engineering curricula as part of each campus's effort to launch its own under the aegis of the ; $50,000 over thirty months to , , , and in support of a pilot effort to embed the liberal arts in business education; and $41,000 over nine months to the to explore how its member institutions can bring about substantive integration of the liberal arts into undergraduate preparation in teacher education, business, health, and technology.

The foundation also awarded three grants through its , including $300,000 over eighteen months to the to develop a general education core curriculum that interconnects the liberal arts with students' professional aspirations across twelve degree programs; $50,000 over twelve months to to engage deans and faculty leaders in intensive discussions on how best to implement and assess core curricula; and $27,250 over five months to the , , and the to develop a placement policy and curricular strategy for developmental mathematics that is grounded in empirical evidence and attends to students' aspirations.

For a complete list of grant , visit the Teagle Foundation website.

"." Teagle Foundation Press Release 05/20/2015.