Target to Invest $40 Million in Wellness Programs

Target to Invest $40 Million in Wellness Programs

The has announced that it will invest up to $40 million in wellness programs designed to expand and improve the choices children and families have to increase their physical activity and eat healthy every day.

Last fall, the Minneapolis-based retailer announced that it would focus its corporate social responsibility strategy on wellness and support programs that make it easier for its employees and the communities in which it does business to be active, eat healthy, and choose products made with materials and ingredients they can trust.

This year, Target has been partnering with a range of national and local organizations in support of community wellness programs, including the , which works to create healthy schools with better nutrition options, more opportunities for physical activity, and clearly stated wellness policies; , which provides culturally relevant, hands-on cooking and nutrition education programs for children, parents, and teachers; the , which empowers high school students by providing them with the tools they need to lead active lives and make healthier choices; and , which seeks to drive down the price of produce for needy families by working with healthcare providers to offer "prescriptions" that include access to affordable fruits and vegetables redeemable at Target stores and farmers' markets.

For a complete list of the company's , see the Target website.

"." Target Corporation Press Release 06/28/2016.