SVCF Grantmaking Reached $4 Billion in First Decade, Study Finds

Grantmaking by the reached $4 billion over its first ten years, a new report from , a service of , finds.

The report, (12 pages, PDF), focuses on the financial assets, gifts received, grantmaking, and priorities of world's largest community foundation over the first decade of its existence. Based on Foundation Center data and research, the study demonstrates that, in addition to its size and rapid growth, the foundation is notable for its ability to innovate with respect to how community foundations serve donors and their communities. The report also notes that SVCF is "driving the conversation" about the changing role of community foundations as philanthropic institutions, including the definition of "community" itself.

"Looking at data on influential funders, such as Silicon Valley Community Foundation, not only allows us to better understand their activities, but also gives us insight into likely directions of the broader philanthropic sector," said Foundation Center president Bradford K. Smith.

According to the study, the assets of the foundation have increased 17 percent annually over the last decade, compared to 5 percent for the community foundation field as a whole and 3 percent for the entire philanthropic sector. The analysis also found that donor-advised funds represented half of the foundation's assets in 2007, but account for 80 percent today; that education and health-related organizations and initiatives were its top giving priorities; and that the geographic focus of the foundation's grantmaking reflects the diversity of its donors' interests and backgrounds, with nearly half of all SVCF giving directed to areas in the U.S. beyond the Bay Area, and more than $120 million directed internationally.

"In our ten-year history, Silicon Valley Community Foundation has had a significant, positive impact on many challenges at home, across the country, and around the world, said SVCF president and CEO Emmett D. Carson. "This impact would not be possible without the support of our generous individual and corporate donors and the dedication of nonprofit partners. Our trajectory of growth tells the story of a new renaissance in American philanthropy in which Silicon Valley is helping to lead the way."

"." Foundation Center Press Release 03/15/2017.