Stavros Niarchos Foundation Announces $7.3 Million in Grants

The has announced grants totaling more than $7.3 million (�5.6 million) to eleven organizations working to address the consequences of the prolonged socioeconomic crisis in Greece.

The grants boost to $74 million (�57.9 million) the amount awarded by the foundation through a three-year, $100 million initiative to address mounting social needs in the economically stressed country. Grant recipients include the , the , , , the , the , and .

The foundation also awarded grants to a number of organizations working to help the . Recipients of those grants include the , the , and . Other grant recipients include the , the , and .

For a complete list of receiving support through the foundation's $100 million "crisis" initiative, visit the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Web site.

"." Stavros Niarchos Foundation Press Release 04/22/2013.