St. David's Foundation Awards $33 Million to Central Texas Nonprofits

St. David's Foundation Awards $33 Million to Central Texas Nonprofits

The in Austin, Texas, has announced grants totaling more than $33 million to healthcare and human services organizations in central Texas.

Grants totaling $12 million were awarded to local safety-net clinics serving low-income communities. Recipients include , which was awarded $793,697 in support of its efforts to provide integrated behavioral health and dental care in the region; , which will receive nearly $1.4 million in support of its primary and behavioral healthcare services; , which was awarded more than $5.1 million in support of its integrated healthcare services; and , which will receive $105,250 in support of its comprehensive health services.

Human services organizations receiving grants include ($850,000), which provides  residential treatment services for low-income people struggling with addiction; ($2.2 million), which provides school-based mental health services; the ($885,373), which provides permanent supporting housing services for chronically homeless individuals. and ($4 million), which provides support services aimed at helping vulnerable youth achieve self-sufficiency as well as school-based sex education and pregnancy prevention programs. In addition, the foundation awarded capital grants totaling $1.7 million to six organizations.

"Having a 'medical home' is crucial to good health," said Earl Maxwell, CEO of St. David's Foundation. "Knowing where you can go when you aren't feeling well, and getting quality care — whether it is preventive, or when an illness or injury occurs, is essential to our community's collective good health. By partnering with these hard-working clinics, we can better meet our mission to make Central Texas the healthiest community in the world."

"." St. David's Foundation Press Release 06/28/2017.