Spencer Foundation Launches New Midcareer Grant Program

The has announced the launch of a new grant program aimed at supporting and enriching the work of midcareer scholars who are seven to twenty years post-doctorate.

The will provide one-year of support to scholars who are interested in advancing their understanding of a compelling problem in education. The program is designed to encourage researchers to build on, enrich, and extend their area of expertise by acquiring new skills, knowledge, theoretical perspectives, and/or methodological tools. Through the program, the foundation intends to heighten the potential for midcareer productivity and contribution by promoting its belief that reaching beyond familiar ways of thinking about education puzzles and problems has the potential to bring innovative ideas to the work and, by extension, lines of inquiry in the field.

In the program's initial pilot phase, the foundation will award grants in two funding cycles for projects to be undertaken during the 2015-16 and 2016-2017 academic years. Up to five awards will be made in each cycle.

"." Spencer Foundation Press Release 05/05/2015.