Sloan Foundation Announces 2014 Research Fellowships

The has announced the recipients of its research fellowships for 2014.

Awarded annually since 1955, the fellowships, which are awarded to early-career scientists and scholars from the United States and Canada in the fields of chemistry, computer science, economics, mathematics, evolutionary and computational molecular biology, neuroscience, ocean sciences, and physics whose achievements identify them as rising stars, include a $50,000 grant to be used to further a recipient's research.

Hailing from sixty-one colleges and universities, the group of one hundred and twenty-six scholars includes a chemist who is devising ways to turn carbon dioxide into fuel; a neuroscientist who has discovered a "Dracula" mutation in fruit flies that inverts their sleep behavior, making them sleep during the day; an ocean scientist who studies tiny marine microbes and the tinier viruses they carry and how those viruses affect chemical processes in the oceans; and a mathematician who is working to produce reliable thirty-day weather forecasts using advanced mathematical models of the atmosphere.

"For more than half a century, the Sloan Foundation has been proud to honor the best young scientific minds and support them during a crucial phase of their careers when early funding and recognition can really make a difference," said Sloan Foundation president Paul L. Joskow. "These researchers are pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge in unprecedented ways."

For a complete list of this year's Sloan , visit the Sloan Foundation Web site.

"." Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Press Release 02/18/2014.