Skoll Foundation Names 2017 Cohort of Emerging Leaders

The has announced the names of the twelve individuals selected to participate in the 2017 Emerging Leaders Initiative.

Now in its fourth year, the initiative brings together emerging social entrepreneurs from around the world to take part in a tailored learning experience designed to help boost their impact on the communities they serve. Selected and supported by the Skoll and foundations, this year's group of emerging leaders are working to address a range of issues, including energy access in sub-Saharan Africa and the links between corruption and natural resource exploitation.

This year's Skoll World Forum Emerging Leaders are Kevin Asinde, (Uganda); Michelle Chimuka, (Zambia); Oliver Courtney, (United Kingdom); Dorcus Kabahenda, Life Support for Persons with Disabilities (Uganda); Aye Kyithar Swe, (Myanmar); Godwin David Msigwa, , (Tanzania); Olivia Muiru, (Kenya); Andrew Ozanian, (Switzerland); Kpetermeni Toquoi Siakor, (Liberia); Zeeshan Sumrani, (India); Fhazhil Wamalwa, Disa Energy Management Ltd. (Kenya); and Amanda Yembrick, (United States).

"." Skoll Foundation Press Release 03/09/2017.