Skoll Foundation Announces 2012 Awards for Social Entrepreneurship

The in Palo Alto, California, has announced the recipients of the 2012 .

The annual awards provide unrestricted funding to further extend the reach of organizations that have achieved significant impact in tackling the world's most pressing problems through social entrepreneurship. Each of the four awardees will receive a three-year grant and be invited to join the growing global network of Skoll social entrepreneurs, now numbering ninety-one individuals from seventy-four organizations.

This year's awardees are , which works with two thousand communities across the Philippines and in other nations where poverty exists to help transform slums into peaceful and productive communities; , which works to support land rights internationally, particularly for women; , which advocates on behalf of workers from the informal sector in the north and east of India; and , which designs, builds, and markets affordable products and services that benefit rural families in Myanmar.

"Looking at our winners, we are humbled," said Skoll Foundation president and CEO Sally Osberg. "Our goal is impact — these are the people pulling it off. They've shown not just entrepreneurial vision, but the persistence needed to make lasting change. The four organizations we honor this year offer scalable, proven solutions to some of the world's most daunting problems. Three of the four are from Asian countries. All are pioneering new grassroots mechanisms that unleash the power of citizen-driven change, a hallmark of true social entrepreneurship."

"." Skoll Foundation Press Release 11/29/2011.