Sheryl Sandberg Contributes $50 Million to Donor-Advised Fund

Sheryl Sandberg Contributes $50 Million to Donor-Advised Fund

, Facebook's chief operating officer, is giving stock in the company valued at roughly $50 million to her donor-advised fund, the reports.

The donation of stock is the latest in a number of large gifts the tech executive has made over the past three years (and after she signed the in 2014), and brings the total she has given or pledged to charity to more than $286.1 million. According to the Chronicle, Sandberg plans to donate another $50 million in cash before the end of the year to start a new foundation called the Sandberg Goldberg Charitable Support Fund.

Some of the money from her latest gift will go toward the David Goldberg Scholarship Program, which is named for her late husband and provides graduates of charter schools with mentoring and financial aid through their college years. A larger portion will be directed to the , a private operating foundation that primarily supports two groups created by Sandberg — and . 

The filing was announced soon after Sandberg's role in discrediting digital rights activists critical of Facebook was revealed in the . According to the Times, the social media giant hired a political opposition research firm in 2017 to thwart its critics in response to the fallout from the way it handled Russian propaganda on its platform during the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.

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