Sheridan College Receives $25.3 Million Grant

, part of the Northern Wyoming Community College District, has announced a $25.3 million grant from in support of capacity-building efforts at the school and to bolster the local economy.

The grant from the Wyoming-based educational foundation includes $1.3 million to complete renovations on the Mars Agriculture Center and Science Center, $16 million to renovate and expand the fine and performing arts wing of the original Whitney Building, $2 million for infrastructure and parking improvements on the main campus, and $6 million to plan the renovation and expansion of the college's technology center. Renovations to the Whitney Building will include the addition of flexible, creative space for the fine arts programs, including wood- and metal-fabrication labs; foundry space for pouring aluminum, bronze, and eventually iron; and multi-use exhibition space.

Renovations to the 15,000-square-foot Mars Agriculture Center are focused on providing real-world experiences for students. In addition to high-tech classrooms, a herbarium, a greenhouse, and a soils and agroecology lab, the new center will include a computerized commodities trading floor classroom to assist students studying in the agriculture-business program. The funding for Sheridan's Technical Education Center will support infrastructure repairs and upgrades as well as new space that enables the college to quadruple enrollment in its welding, diesel, construction, and machine tool technology programs.

"Currently, we serve over two thousand students per semester," said Sheridan College president Dr. Paul Young. "This plan and infusion of energy and capital will significantly aid in our efforts to grow the academic areas that align with the local job sectors experiencing growth and positive change."

"." Sheridan College Press Release 07/08/2014.