September 11th Fund Announces New Grants

The has announced thirty-four new grants totaling $18.6 million to organizations that provide relief to victims, their families, and communities affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks.

The new grants, which were awarded from October 16-26, will be used to provide emergency cash assistance, support counseling and grief therapy, and legal aid to individuals, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and communities affected by the catastrophic events of September 11.

The latest round of grants includes $8 million to Safe Horizon, a New York City-based provider of victim assistance and violence prevention services, to provide emergency financial assistance to families of the victims; $300,000 to the Partnership for After School Education for emergency relocation expenses and services to youth agencies affected by the World Trade Center attack; $81,150 to the Independent Press Association for costs related to the use of community and ethnic newspapers to distribute information about victim assistance to immigrants and non-English speaking people; $57,575 to New York Lawyers for the Public Interest to help families of maintenance and restaurant workers who died at the World Trade Center; and $35,000 to the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy to provide trauma and grief counseling services.

"These grants are helping families honor those who died, pay rent and utility bills, put food on the table, and meet tuition payments," said September11th Fund CEO Joshua Gotbaum. "They support nonprofits who feed and counsel emergency personnel, comfort school children who watched the terrible events on TV, and provide legal services to help low-wage workers get access to bank accounts and deal with custody and wills."

In the almost two months since the attacks, more than one million people have pledged a total of $337 million to the Fund, with nearly $250 million having been collected. To date, the Fund, whose administrative costs have been raised separately, has awarded 69 grants totaling more than $34 million.

"The September 11th Fund Awards 34 New Emergency Grants to Fund Relief Organizations" September 11th Fund Press Release 10/30/2001.