SeniorNet Announces New Initiative to End Age-Related Digital Divide

San Francisco-based has announced a new online center aimed at educating the public about, and ultimately ending, the age-related digital divide.

The majority of the 50+ population still lacks Internet access, trailing other age groups in Web use by a margin of two-to-one, while the 65-and-older population trails those under age 30 by five-to-one. SeniorNet's enrichment center features content focused on understanding and ending this inequity. Funding for the center was provided by the and the Charles Schwab Corporate Foundation.

"SeniorNet has led the fight to close the technology gap between older and younger people for more than fifteen years," said SeniorNet CEO Ann Wrixon. "At hundreds of SeniorNet learning centers nationwide, our 4,500 senior volunteer instructors have trained more than a hundred thousand older Americans to use computers and the Internet. We will continue building on that momentum until the age-related digital divide is a thing of the past."

"Seniornet Steps up Effort to Bridge Digital Divide" SeniorNet Press Release 05/11/2001.