Science Foundation Arizona Launches Postdoctoral Scholars Program

Phoenix-based has announced the launch of a postdoctoral awards program designed to attract young scientific and engineering talent to the state.

Named after philanthropist Jerry Bisgrove, a major supporter of Science Foundation Arizona, the Bisgrove Post-Doctoral Scholars program will enable early career scientists and engineers to engage in complex, multidisciplinary research projects at and . To be administered and overseen by SFAZ, ASU, and NAU, the two-year program will support up to seven scholars each year with funding, intensive career mentoring, and links to industry and the community to help participants stay abreast of trends and relevant scientific discoveries. The program will be funded by SFAZ for the first five years, after which an endowment will be created to support the program in perpetuity.

The first cohort of scholars is expected to be chosen in time for the spring 2011 semester.

"The Bisgrove Scholars will help put Arizona on the map as a research hub, where young and talented scientists and engineers are welcomed and encouraged to innovate," said Science Foundation Arizona president and CEO William C. Harris. "Over time, it could even compete with other well-known and important national and international scholarships, such as Rhodes Scholars."

"." Science Foundation Arizona Press Release 03/04/2010.