Rockefeller Foundation to Help Launch Resilience AmeriCorps Program

Rockefeller Foundation to Help Launch Resilience AmeriCorps Program

The has announced a public-private effort aimed at building resilience against the effects of climate change in communities across the country.

A two-year pilot backed by $1 million in funding, the Resilience AmeriCorps program will recruit, train, and embed members to support the development of resilience strategies in up to twelve communities nationwide, including some that are members of the network. Public- and private-sector partners in the multi-agency initiative include the , the , the , the , and .

The foundation also announced an additional $3.2 million in continued support for the 's National Disaster Resilience Competition, which focuses on disaster recovery investments that build resilience with the needs of low-income residents in mind, contribute to stronger local economies, and provide amenities that improve the quality of life for all.

"Crisis is increasingly part of the twenty-first century, which is why it is imperative that communities — large and small — place a premium on building resilience," said Rockefeller Foundation president Judith Rodin. "With collaborative efforts across all sectors, we can ensure our country is prepared for the inevitable shocks and gnawing stresses so that disruptions no longer become disasters. The new Resilience AmeriCorps program will create a new generation of talented individuals who are committed to building resilience and who can support cities today while deepening the bench for innovative leadership in years to come. Resilience is a journey, not a destination, and the time to embark on it is now."

"." Rockefeller Foundation Press Release 07/13/2015.