Resnick Foundation Awards $25 Million to Milken Institute

Resnick Foundation Awards $25 Million to Milken Institute

The has announced a $25 million gift from the in support of its in Washington, D.C.

The gift will be used to expand and accelerate the institute's public health programs in the United States and abroad. In recognition of the gift, the center, which serves as a global clearinghouse for actionable public health information and best practices among more than a hundred schools and programs in public health, will be renamed the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Center for Public Health.

Recognizing the crucial role of prevention in containing and reducing healthcare costs, the center brings together representatives of the government, academic, and nonprofit sectors with consumer products companies, retailers, manufacturers, health insurers, and the media to raise awareness of public health issues such as smoking and obesity. With the gift from the Resnicks, it will expand its work to mentor public health leaders in developing nations and coordinate efforts to assure global health security.

"This generous contribution demonstrates the Resnicks' profound commitment to the health of people everywhere," said Milken Institute chair Michael Milken. "It will help bring to population-level health the same focus that has allowed bioscience and medical research to extend and enhance lives of individuals so remarkably over the past century."

"." Milken Institute Press Release 04/29/2016.