Reed College Receives $950,000 for Undergraduate Digital Research Initiative

in Portland, Oregon, has announced grants totaling nearly $1 million in support of a project that aims to strengthen undergraduate digital research skills.

The private liberal arts college received grants of $800,000 from the and $150,000 from the toward the nearly $1.2 million cost of the project, which is designed to help Reed students become adept at presenting and citing digital information and acquire experience with online collaboration methods.

The grant from Mellon will support the first stage of the project, in which faculty members identify research skills that students need to succeed in specific areas of study. Faculty members will then collaborate with librarians and instructional technologists to incorporate methods of teaching those skills. Among other things, the project team will identify practices that maximize the potential of electronic collections, mobile devices, and cloud-based resources to deepen students' scholarly engagement with digital texts and other materials.

The grant from Keck will support the second stage of the project, in which science faculty members identify essential research skills for their mid-level courses and integrate instruction of those skills into their classes. By the end of the project, faculty members from as many as ten departments and one interdisciplinary program will have had the opportunity to reshape their courses to include digital research competencies.

"In this project, we want to do more than replicate the way our students study with traditional print," said Norman F. Carrigg College Librarian and project co-coordinator Dena Hutto. "We will explore how digital collections can enable our students to actively engage in new ways with a rich array of resources, including not just text but data, images, and audiovisual media."

"." Reed College Press Release 10/30/2013.