Red Cross Awards Nearly $3 Million to New York Disaster Interfaith Services

The has announced a $2.97 million grant to in support of long-term recovery services for people affected by Superstorm Sandy.

NYDIS will use the grant to administer the , distribute funds through the New York Unmet Needs Fund, and coordinate housing needs for volunteers who travel to the region to help repair and rebuild homes. Launched in April as a resource of last resort for eligible residents affected by the storm and its aftermath, the Unmet Needs Roundtable will provide customized assistance to New York City residents including emergency cash grants, sustainable recovery grants, loans and, through a partnership with , discounted and tax-free appliances, furniture, and building supplies.

In addition, the has provided a grant through the to support staff and provide cash assistance through the Unmet Needs Fund. The fund has received additional support from the , , , , and , while the is partnering with NYDIS to distribute its own unmet needs funds through the roundtable.

"One size does not fit all; New Yorkers will remain heavily impacted by Superstorm Sandy for years to come, and some of our most vulnerable residents will need customized resources to achieve and sustain long-term recovery," said NYDIS chief response officer Peter Gudaitis. "The funding from the American Red Cross will ensure that NYDIS, along with our partners and other donors, can continue to provide much-needed emergency financial assistance and sustainable recovery resources to all eligible New Yorkers in need through the New York City Sandy Unmet Needs Roundtable."

"." American Red Cross Press Release 07/02/2013.