Rasmuson Foundation Announces $5.8 Million in Grants, Investments

The in Anchorage has announced grants and program-related investments totaling $5.8 million to Alaska-based nonprofit organizations, with a focus on organizations working to provide housing for seniors, the homeless, low-income families, and people with special needs.

The grants include up to $1.7 million for six housing projects backed by the , which provides capital grants in partnership with the foundation to support and enhance housing in the state. The foundation also pledged $475,000 to the in support of a new project in downtown Anchorage and $125,000 to the Retirement Community of Fairbanks to complete the last apartment building in the senior retirement complex in Fairbanks.

Additional grants include $221,000 to the to renovate and expand the Kake Senior Center in Juneau; $400,000 to the for the construction of a traditional long house to serve as a multi-purpose building; and $200,000 to the for construction of a facility that will house behavioral health and social services. The foundation also awarded $250,000 in working capital to the .

Program-related investments include $1 million to Volunteers of America National Services, in partnership with , to finance activities related to the planning, acquisition, and construction of housing projects in the state. In addition, the foundation awarded a grant of $375,000 and a PRI of $560,000 to the to finance and build Safe Harbor Village, a permanent workforce housing complex of twenty-three units. 

"." Rasmuson Foundation Press Release 11/20/2015.